AutoDMG 10.8 maintainer needed

published 15 Oct 2014

Since I no longer support 10.8 at work I will not be able to stay on top of updates for AutoDMG. With the upcoming release of AutoDMG 1.5 I’ve removed support for 10.7 (stay on 1.4.4 to build 10.7 images), and unless 10.8 is to suffer the same fate someone needs to step up. It’s not particularly hard: fork AutoDMGUpdateProfiles, follow the suggested workflow and send pull requests on github.

As always I will do my best to keep up with the latest release of OS X, and the one before, but pull requests are most welcome there too.

Also, I’ve uploaded a new beta of AutoDMG 1.5. I expect this build to become the final release version and I’m just waiting for the final GM to drop.