DS NetBoot sets from the command line

published 27 May 2014

If you, like me, only build DeployStudio NetBoot sets once in a blue moon I’m guessing you also tend to forget all the configuration options in the assistant and have to look them up each time. With the torrent of recent DS releases (not that I’m complaining!) I found myself running the assistant one too many times and I figured that there must be a way to automate it. There was a hint in the forum a while back (post #5) and recently PaintedTurtle posted a sample script showing that it’s actually pretty straightforward. I wrapped it up in a script with configuration options in the same order as the assistant to keep it nice and simple:

As a bonus it accepts either a system volume or a system image, e.g. your latest AutoDMG image.

I’ve built a couple of NBIs with it now but I haven’t tested it extensively, so caveat emptor.