AutoDMG v1.8

published 26 Sep 2017

10.13 was released yesterday, and today I’m releasing the final build of AutoDMG 1.8 with full support for building both APFS and HFS+ images. Apple has made a lot of breaking changes in this cycle, to the point where we haven’t been able to get 100% support for 10.13 on launch day in my organization. As a result I’ve had to bump a few outstanding AutoDMG issues to the next release, but they mainly concern usability and shouldn’t stop anyone from using 1.8.

This release also means that 10.9 support is dropped, and 10.10 is marked as deprecated. AutoDMG will launch and you can build 10.10 images, but there are no new updates from Apple.

Full changelog:

You’ll find the download on the AutoDMG releases page. If you have questions or need help, you can join us in #autodmg on Slack MacAdmins (but please check the documentation and especially the FAQ first).