AutoDMG v1.4

published 15 Apr 2014

AutoDMG 1.4 is here, and with its release I consider it feature complete: it now supports every feature that InstaDMG has. The last missing piece of the puzzle was BaseOS caching, but instead of just copying the feature I have a slightly more generalized take on it. You can now use a previously generated image as the source, allowing you to update images as needed or cache them at any point. You’ll find the details in the wiki.

Changes in 1.4:

AutoDMG 1.4 Cached image as source, advanced options, drag & drop app, pkg in dmg, and new crash handler

You can download 1.4 from the AutoDMG releases page. If you have any questions join us in ##osx-server (but please check the documentation and especially the FAQ first).